Relationships and Communication

Cali gal Michelle
Posted September 12, 2011 from United States
“I’ll shout it from the mountain tops I want the world to know… I want to pass it on”...

...Lyrics from a favorite childhood song. But now with broad technology platforms, there is no need to lose my voice (pun intended). The challenges and opportunities for solution are, obviously, great; as such, it is important to have direction, focus, empowerment, and voice so that one does not become tangled in the net.

Through many and painful challenges life has provided me, I concomitantly became more focused in passion and pursuit. I found that everything in my life comes to this: Relationship and Communication. Each child taught, every song written, every rock climbed, every cup of coffee I made, every group to whom I belong- is about these two realizations.

I could indeed pursue my passion for Relationship, and all that that word implies, because there are so many options to do so using what is referred to as “web 2.0”. This reality of seeing, hearing, speaking, working together with my sisters around this blue planet stirs in me a joy I can not explain, nor contain.

I’ve been graciously granted innovation, skill, and longing to be a part of something big, important, outside my comfort level. I open my arms to receive wisdom from sisters who are geographically so far. Fortunately for me there exists bountiful opportunities and resources to enter into worlds outside my own. Oh, what ecstatic sensations this brings my soul!

Through this new web, I can continue to pursue my passions for Relationship and Communication. These I value so as to lift-up, listen, stimulate, mentor, teach. I can find and provide a safe haven for body, soul. Through my career I’ve witnessed the absolute miracle of a person relaying a thought for the first time. Oh the power, oh the light of that communicative act. It changes their life. It changes mine. Every time. Imagine an army of girls and women lifting voices as one, whatever form, thanks to this medium we have been given of the ever-expanding web!

Now with no geographical limits, I’m able to pursue opportunities for finding solutions, to help women become focused in realizing their goals. To empower them with knowledge and tools. And, possibly, to deviate from my current path of giving children a voice through Augmentative Communication. Perhaps I’ll move towards empowering non-verbal children in impoverished countries. Or training mothers to give their child a voice. Or training entrepreneurial women to have focus, goals, and follow-through. Or perhaps lifting instrument and voice together, though physically we are not.

Distance is only a matter of perception now. We have been given the gift of connectivity via this bigger, broader, better web.

Let us not squander this opportunity.

Let us lift our voice as one. Let us move as one. Let us be the change- as one.

I can hear the voices already, calling me from the other side. And I mean to answer them.

Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0

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  • Darren Bunton
    Sep 13, 2011
    Sep 13, 2011


    A wonderful entry! I like how you related advances in technology to natural progression. Like the development of music, and with the ease of sound, aided by tech means-such as 2.0. Clearly, the walls that once constrained us from assisting our families far away, have been removed. We are now able to help, learn, and feel a sense of helpfulness, as opposed to helplessness. Indeed communication is the key in relationships, and the types of relations which are unconditional and rewarding make any complications in communication a learning experience. Especially when the mission is to encourage armies of girls, women, and men, to "lift their voices", and be empowered with the knowledge and tools of communication.

    Thank you!

  • ruthibelle
    Sep 13, 2011
    Sep 13, 2011


    "Through my career I’ve witnessed the absolute miracle of a person relaying a thought for the first time. Oh the power, oh the light of that communicative act. It changes their life. It changes mine. Every time. Imagine an army of girls and women lifting voices as one, whatever form ..."

    That section especially moved me.

    And by all means, go ahead, answer the call :)

  • Claire
    Sep 15, 2011
    Sep 15, 2011

    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you for your creative and thoughtful entry. I'd be curious to learn about how you currently work with young people to address their own communication challenges. And along those lines, if you feel that Web 2.0 does in fact provide broader access issues. What barriers and opportunities do you see in the communities in which you work?

    I really like your comment about distance being only in how we perceive it. Glad this world seems to be opening up so many opportunities and ideas for you!

    Best wishes, Claire

  • Tawjna
    Sep 19, 2011
    Sep 19, 2011

    Good Day Michelle,

    Thanks for lifting up your voice. What I hear is an individual who has come into a level of maturity and gratitude born out of a distillation of life experiences. With these two significant finds, it is as if you feel compelled to empower others along a similar journey. As some one famous has said - "It is in shining our light that we empower others to shine."

    Continue to lift up your voice. Any passion is worth pursuing if it brings empowerment to others and the WEB does provide you with a platform for that.


  • Emily Garcia
    Sep 19, 2011
    Sep 19, 2011

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for this post! You begin with a song and flow forth with words that sing! Your passion for Web 2.0 sounds through loud and clear, and I can imagine you, arms wide open, ready to make new connections through these new modes of communication and change the world in the best way you can. May we on the other side answer your call!

    Best wishes,


  • Yvette Warren
    Jun 09, 2013
    Jun 09, 2013

    Keep working locally and communicating globally; they are both so important in pursuing peace.