Old Friends....

Cali gal Michelle
Posted August 12, 2012 from United States

Something about being with- truly being present with- those you know love you through- years where time does not exist, and you feel more yourself when they are near.....

Last night I unexpectedly had the chance to visit with my old 'core' group of friends from my teenage years. Only 6 or 8 of us, but we were close. The kind of friend that payed my restaurant tab if I didn't have cash and never asked for a return. Drove way out of their way to bring me home since I was without a car. Never had to explain myself because they already knew me so well. Loved me so well. Anonymously sending me what I needed in a time of desperate need (I knew it was them- who else would have done such a thing?) No, some I haven't seen in years and years. We picked up right where we left off. No judgements. No need to fill spaces of silence with meaningless chatter.

Such a rich reminder of what is important in this life. Who it is that love me. What matters. Undying love, true acceptance. I am more because of them.

I am more because of you.

I am truly blessed.

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