Water and Rock
  • Water and Rock

Water. Rock. Forces of nature. Water, flowing over such harshness creates soft impressions and interesting features. Exposing layers beneath. But these changes take place over years, as water and ice make smooth the rough surface.

Decades. Centuries. Unrelenting flow.

In turn, the rock forces the water to separate, expressing it's every form and shape. Light reflects in various ways, innumerable moments of beauty.

Symbiotic dichotomy.

As circumstances of life flow over our hearts and souls, our rough edges are smoothed. We may resist unwanted challenge, but it comes nonetheless. There may be permanent impressions, indentations left behind as reminders of what came before. But our rough edges are smoothed. Light reflected, creating a beauty in us none can deny.

So, let the water flow and dance across our souls.

With Peace and Hope, Michelle aka Cali gal

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I LOVE this. One of my biggest challenges is reminding myself that I am a catalyst for change with no control over the pace of the changes that I inspire. I think I will carry this post with me to help in my quest for serenity. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you. Yvette