WATCH LIVE AT 5:54, Eastern Standard Time. You can watch live, choosing your language, at this link. If you have trouble getting to the live broadcast, please type link into browser. Don't miss it!

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I know, right? And my husband was there which was a gift. I only wish I'd been there, too. I am so glad they had the opportunity to speak, and I hope many people saw. I posted it everywhere. Thanks for letting me know, Carrie!

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I'm so glad they had the opportunity to speak too. What Jensine said just nailed it: "Crowdsource the feminine intelligence of the planet." That is so it! And what I have loved about World Pulse since becoming a member.

That is so great your husband was there to see it live! I was fortunate enough to attend last year. And lucky for me last year, even though Jensine and Neema weren't at the SGS, I got to see them at World Pulse Live, which was the day before!! What an experience.

So happy they are speaking it into being.