Need: Compelling Stories of Gender Based Violence for GBV Topic Page

Cali gal Michelle
Posted May 26, 2014 from United States

A call out to the World Pulse community, and an opportunity to be heard! We are looking for personal or personally-observed stories or articles within the topic of Violence Against Women/Gender Based Violence that contain a message of hope, a vision, action steps, or are solutions-oriented. Understanding that there is very real and rampant heartache surrounding these issues, we are also wanting to highlight insights and success stories. So many of you around the world have taken steps to overcome results of violence, and we want to know about what works; how hope is found.

Violence against women can take many forms. These may include physical and emotional abuse, genital mutilation, trafficking, forced or child marriage, lang rights and environmental abuses affecting women, or economic abuses, among others.

A note on tagging: Please use only up to 3 tags, including checking the Gender-Based Violence box AND writing in "Hope for GBV" in the space under "Other Topics and Regions". Please feel free to ask questions below. Be sure to post your story in your own journal with the correct tags, which will assure your story be considered for Spotlighting on the GBV Topic Page!

We look forward to reading your entries!

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