I am not a writer, per se. Except for writing music. I am a do-er. I get out there and do it or experience it. Writing about it is new-ish to me. I can write song or poem lyrics to enjoy. I can write a darn-good medical report about language and feeding. I've been inspired by what I've read from others so far.

Trying to initiate this week's writing before 10pm Monday night! Ok. go team go! I mean, go me go!

Just getting that off my chest.

Peace- M.

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I think this post is really interesting and I certainly see where you are comic from. I also wanted to add anew perspective for you to consider-writing is doing. Why are books banned and writers silenced? Because words are actions. Language is a verb, not just a noun. Witness the power of a hateful word- this is action. Witness how words such as Rachel Carson's Obligation to Endure or King Jr's Letter from a Birmingham Jail united people and changed the way they saw the world. I believe if we can reenvision language as action, our words will have so much more power. Just something to think about...


Thank you for your reply. Little did I expect a small, seemingly uninteresting post to gain such a great response. I stand corrected. Writing IS doing. It IS and DOES spur action, just as music lyrics become active when sung.

My struggle right now is that for over a year I have experienced severe health concerns, and have been unable to do many things, including my work as a Speech Language and Feeding Therapist with severely impaired children. Some days I can't even cook a meal or do laundry because of excruciating head pain and debilitating fatigue. When I saw the opportunity to become more involved with WP, I jumped on it because it is something I CAN DO, in small doses during the day, that don't have huge physical demands.

So, again Skye, thank you. I will continue DO-ing while sitting on my couch.



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Words are actions i agree with you Skye

Nosotros los más pequeños, debemos convertirnos en un nudo de resistencia en contra de la mentira y guardar la verdad, mantenerla y difundirla. (subcomandante Insurgente Marcos)

Writing is coming from what you have done. But some said you have done very good, but you could not write a good report. because you are poor at writing. when you have ability to write a good report you will go a high salary. People said the more complex sentence is recognized a good one, the one that people find it difficult to understand. People seem very proud with what they could make it more complex for higher level