Public Elementary School March 8, 2010

Posted March 8, 2010 from United States

Lunch is served and the children are squashed together, there's so much noise you can't believe it (almost a third over maximum occupancy)and when children (kindergartners) show up with only a box of juice on their STYROFOAM plates the (paid) worker says "they will just go hungry"! This lunchroom is lucky, they have a cook that has insisted on a fresh salad bar long enough to make her kindergartners grow up to request it in High School! She has a garden area that she just finally got the ok to use the bounty in her lunch room but now there is no one to garden! The help list the kindergarten teacher just recently sent out includes 'sharpen pencils, fill glue bottles, tie shoe laces'! I am stunned.....and going to the City's Volunteer Coordinator tomorrow! Wish me positive thoughts

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