Where Did the Minoan Ghosts Go?

Cara Lee
Posted February 5, 2010 from United States

If you thought Pompeii was eerie... consider the people of Greece's Ancient Akrotiri. When their volcano blew, they vanished without a trace, leaving a perfect city behind. "Where Did the Minoan Ghosts Go?" It's an ancient mystery to put modern civilization into perspective. http://girlstrektoo.com/blog/?p=90

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  • Jacqueline Patiño
    Feb 06, 2010
    Feb 06, 2010

    I have followed some of your posts because they sound interesting and coming from a good hearted woman, and after many ocassions in which I could not read here about your activites I decided to make a humble suggestion: Instead of simply adding a link, why don´t you write here some more? This way we could know what your interests are, and as you would also put the link, we could follow it to make our experience richer.

    Hope this suggestion does not bother you... my intention is not to upset you but to make our experience of reading you more awesome.

    A hug from the beatiful city of Tarija,


  • Cara Lee
    Feb 17, 2010
    Feb 17, 2010


    Thank you for the kind compliment and suggestion. I'm honored that someone as accomplished as you has taken a moment to consider my small voice squeaking out here in middle America.

    I've hoped to write more in my journal, but have been buried with my work as a professional writer: editing books for an unusually heavy client-load, marketing my memoir (coming in 2010 from a small press with no publicity budge), researching my novel, and keeping up my blogging. Whew!

    Since I have a responsibility to write my blog weekly, and some of the subjects fit the feel of World Pulse, I thought I could at least offer the links when I don't have time to write more. I hope it hasn't seemed as if I only came here to promote the blog, but rather that I wanted to add something relevent to the discussion in my limited time. I've also visited World Pulse as often as possible to comment on other women's posts.

    Still I think your suggestion is excellent. I don't always have something to add to World Pulse discussions, as I see so many beautiful and sometimes painful stories of women striving to empower themselves against terrible odds. My life as a woman in Denver, Colorado is so much easier by comparison. All the more reason to add my voice, I think. But it can be a challenge, because I don't want to make women who are fighting for survival or equality to feel that I'm comparing my situation to theirs, or that I would presume to speak for them on subjects they know first-hand. I'll give it some thought, because I know that, if I dig deep, I can definitely add something meaningful to the discussion. There's no question that I'm a woman of passionate interests, deep compassion, and strong opinion.

    Un abrazo a ti también. Espero que se puede visitar a tu paiz en el futuro. Es uno de mis sueños! Cara