About Me: I am a consistent advocate for environmental, economic, and social sustainability as means to change and empowerment. My professional experience includes organizational development, experiential education, sustainability, design, and event management in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. I am the founder of The Ripple Project, an international non-profit which worked with African women's organizations, and currently consult with organizations on sustainability and organizational management topics. I'm an avid gardner and cook, with a preference for leafy greens and citrus trees.

My Passions: Sustainability in its social, environmental, and economic contexts; food justice: good, healthy food for everyone; good design

My Challenges: Access to "live" information, advice, and ideas from women in developing countries around the world in sustainability, climate change, food justice issues for my next project.

My Vision for the Future: Ending poverty in a sustainable way for people and the planet in my life-time.

My Areas of Expertise: Working in partnership with diverse groups to create solutions to "can't be done situations"; helping women start or re-position their business or organization; sustainability

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