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Hi again! Speaking of empowerment and our Digital Campaign: Women Weave Web with joy and synchro will display a map own ideas about the ways in which women can reach the Internet, ICTs and enjoy this great asset .

My testimony is with Joy and Hope, about lesson learning on connectivity and empowerment: In my town is very simple to connect Web and Tics, even in public spaces like squares, cafes and cybercafés. Many times I have taken seminary in cybercafes and never had problems with harassment in those spaces. In Buenos Aires there are many single or alone women, so is very normal access to consumer services by women. The situation here isn´t for a liberal mind and life Really is a necessity.

Yes there is a group of women in situations of digital exclusion which we are trying to help to arrive. My ideas are also being promoted to bring this benefit with grassroots organizations, sharing knowledge is today one of the best ways to self help and form virtual networking and cooperatives helps and contact us to empower.

Smooth the way: Generate public & private spaces BY Women FOR Women. If there are social barriers in access or discrimination digital propose alternatives

• Cyber-Cafes female with flexible hours .

• Search in your geographical area NGOs related to women or Women groups & propose free digital literacy as a means of facilitating equal access to economic empowerment and training.

Many organizations promote campaigns for the Grant Funds and may attract these mini spaces rooms with two or three computers donated for encourage the phase Weave the Web

• Search libraries in your area and offer free access to computer training for women if they are not included.

• Network connection libraries to rapidly integrate distance learning and empowerment in technology and ICT. If you have the proper training donates a free workshop to exchange , strengthen the bond and interest.

• If you are really difficult to access the Internet, Spread the Word! Share this need, connect with women who are in your same situation, be strong and build a group of close contact with which meetinge at least once a month to expose your thoughts. A good brainstorming enriches the motivational environment. More heads are better than one, surely good ideas come out of it!

• If you are really difficult to access the Internet, Expand it ! Link with women who have overcome this difficulty and how they did.

• Organize Community Fundraising or An Action Day for the purchase of computers or contact companies dedicated to women and explains limitations that women in your area are traversing and the Benefits of literacy programs on line:

More knowledge + Education = More Self Esteem + best Belief + Productivity + Flexibility at work + Better sharing of family work

Economic & Digital empowerment of Women provide room for all: Agriculture to small and large scale, Organic Farming , Arts , Painting , Writing , Dance, Crafts , Languages, Sports, Business Guide , Entrepreneurship , Finance, Technology Use, Developing ICT , Communication, Blogs, Tech, Fashion, Consultancy, Coaching, Circular Economy; the topics that can alphabetize a woman are inexhaustible.

You can take advantage and learn a lot from e-learming. This is a Flag why the development of tech BY & FOR WOMEN is a priority to extend: that every woman anywhere in the world have access to the network and its resources, benefits and tools.

As I said in my first post of Weaving the Web : no matter where you are from, where you live, what your offspring , if you have a lot going for , you're disadvantaged in some facts: the Internet is waiting to make you improve and include you. What is cast in the Unity of God is indivisible and brings power, no matter what culture come if you believe in God you're safe. Each granite account. Every drop of Christ Consciousness is a new ray shining.

And this is one of the best trends pursued Alma Abierta Project: Co create spaces for digital empowerment -globally and locally -to work in conjunction with the environment being direct recipients in my perspective the most excluded and more blessed to have the real capacity to change the world: Women of the Earth and the Mayan Women. My best wishes to sisters of the Earth With love & peace


Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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HI Caroline

Thank you for sharing your suggestions on how women can get better access to the internet. You have lots of good ideas!


Thanks María for stopped to look at my entry for the campaign! From what I saw you help a lot in the WorldPulse Community. I'll invite you to my circle to get. A lot of Blessings With Love and Gratitude :) caroline

Dear Caroline:

Thanks for sharing these good ideas with the WorldPulse community. I'm sure many people here will find some of the ideas useful for their own regions of the world too.

Hi Jumi! Thank you very much for your post! I hope some help encourage more women to connect and feel comfortable and secure where they do.

With peace and joy Caroline

Thank You Maria, for your energy, enthusiasm, optimism and for all of your ideas. Many women around the globe are sure to benefit from your thoughts. Warm Regards, Laura

Laura Page


It seems that you have deeply assessed the issue of access to internet for women. You have many good ideas and suggestions and some of them can be implemented anywhere. I agree that access to technology is a must nowadays and everybody should be able to be offered the opportunity to use it. Thank you for sharing your ideas on the worldpulse platform.

Kadidia Doumbia

Hi Kadidia! I enjoy receiving feedback!, Their profiles are amazing, this community has put a great engine: auto motivation. Communication here is powerful! Thanks for streaming and also give me your opinion as a teacher too :). Having access to Tech & ICTs in a world that is growing every day as a result of it fascinates and glad me.

Thanks for sharing, with love and peace Caroline

Caroline, You have such great positive energy! I especially liked your idea that women who don't have access should gather together. It is so true that women working together can find a solution where a woman alone could not. Keep up the flow of ideas!