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In the 2nd stage of the campaign Women Weave Red emerging developments that bind us, help and include in digital literacy . I wanted to invite to WorldPulse World Community to a doubleheader. Will be very interesting to women seeking financial education and especially NGOs and entrepreneurs seeking funding resources, financial funds and business opportunities.

The discussion focuses on: - Bring attention to the issues around women's economic empowerment and financial inclusion . - Document and collate Initiatives and good practices on women and financial inclusion . - Encourage Contributions from participants on technologies and innovations in the finance sector, That Contributed to have women's financial inclusion (eg internet and mobile banking , payment cards) . - Develop recommendations on required policies, laws, Regulations , or public / private partnerships and industry - - Programmes enable and incentivize That women's financial inclusion . - Feed relevant inputs, suggestions and recommendations into the preparations of the 2014 Power Shift conference and the Knowledge Gateway 's Online Summit in September / October 2014.

  • Also report 2014 POWER SHIFT FORUM, on women and the world of finance . The forum is taking place at the Saïd Business School , Oxford University, from 27 to 29 May 2014 organizations, foundations, business leaders and a panel prestige will inform us about the possibilities to reach the goal of gender equality and empowerment woman looking economic objectives and guidelines to meet the new millennium and # Beijing20 .

In the next post I will share my personal opinion for discussion Women's access to financial services , I hope you find it useful and interesting! Thanks for being there With love and gratitude Caroline

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .

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What fabulous events and opportunities. I wonder if you may also want to post this to the resources page?

Thank you for this wonderful information!


Hello Caroline - you have given the online community some great information regarding women and the world of finance. This is a great example of using the internet as a tool to share information to a global audience.

Thank you so much! Terry

In Love and Peace,

Terry Mullins