Sex, money and power are said to make the world go round,especially when dealing with politicians who take people round in circles until they feel dizzy Standard April 30, 2009

Alot has been said about this sex boycott but the big question is, how many women will adhere to the call? A recent research indicates that there are approximately 7,000 prostitutes each night in Nairobi's Central Business District(CBD). The figure could be higher, who knows with this tough economic times. So am wondering, who will pay all these prostitutes for the week? I had a discussion with my male colleague and we were trying to work out the cost. For instance, if each prostitute can serve 5 men in a night, multiply this by 7,000. How many men have satisfied their sexual appetites? The charges differ depending on the class. So will this be taken into account?

I have always known that women are a powerful lot if they came together for a good cause. But we also tend to disagree very fast and kill noble ideas. I hope this time the Kenyan Women including myself will work together as a team and save our nation.After all, there is this famous Swahili saying that states that " when the elephants fight, the grass gets hurt". Women and children are the people who face the worst repurcussions during wars and conflicts. It is time for us to speak with one voice and make this land a more peaceful area.

Ladies, keep up with the good spirit!!

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Carole, there is also much interest and discussion on PulseWire about the issue which seems light on the surface, but belies the most serious issue of acrimonious relations between Kenya's coalition partners. You might be interested in the perspectives of some of our other members:

Member Logwell offers a personal perspective on the issue which I hope will help increase exposure of the infighting plaguing the national unity government.

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Keep us posted on the developments and I hope the women of Kenya can come together for this noble cause. Bahati njema.