Introducing myself and my journal: Dynamic Peace

Posted February 20, 2009 from United States

About Me:I'm a mother of four - three, adopted - and a mother-in-law four times over, and a grandmother of eight. I'm a soul-gardener who works at personal and groupmind levels - a peacewalker, and trainer of peaceful warriors. Love is everything for me: the Truth of Love, the Beauty of Love - in particular, initiation into the art of "loving the enemy," the essence, really, of the golden rule. I'm also a Matriot (Patriots are guardians of the "small-hold" - national boundaries; Matriots are stewards of the "great-hold": the whole planet and all beings). I celebrate the rising of the Matriarchy which is to balance the Patriarchy, and bring peace on earth through that balance of the sacred twins. I hold space for initiations and empowerments of healers and other seekers, and for new births of cultures of peace. Through my shamanic initiations, trainings, and practice, and through the development of all-beings-communication abilities, I have left the "human-centric" mode of thought, believing that to be egocentric, irrational, and untrue. I listen to the Heart of everything. I'm working with a group of people to get the Heart Of Joy Folkschool up and running. In the past I've been part of the All-Cultures Powwow team.

My Passions:Writing, Children, Gardening, Music, Folkschool, Healing, Painting

My Challenges:Folkschool development; Family healing; Community healing

My Vision for the Future:Dynamic Peace: The Simple Harmony of Ordinary Existence

My Areas of Expertise:Writing, Painting, Songwriting, Healing, All-Beings Communication

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