Hi my name is Carolyne and I am 51 beautiful years old. I have three amazing daughters 15, 19 and 22 who are strong, beautiful and empowered human beings.

I am an ex professional ballet dancer who now teachers and trains instructors to become pilates teachers. I love my work!. I am truly blessed.

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Wow! What a beautiful picture! I look forward to looking at your website.

I also look forward to reading more about your passion for women and women's fitness! Has this always been a passion of yours? Was there a specific experience that led to this passion? What does women's fitness look like where you are??

Your picture is so lovely! Is that you dancing? As you can tell, I am very excited to read more about your journey :)

Much Peace,


HI Sharese, thank you for your lovely wlecome!. Yes that is me dancing. Still at 51. My belief is that if we do the right kind of exercise we will maintain the true feminine essence of grace and strength. Gym workouts were designed by men for men and we need to be doing something different to express our femaleness. I am a Pilates instructor but I am very much aware that this too was developed by a man.

My main area of expertise is prenatal, postpartum and menopause movement. I believe ANYONE can move and should.

I am also an Esoteric Healer and look at the body not just from the physical/esotheric but the emotional,mental and spiritual.

Where are you in the world?