Two years ago, I sat at my computer reading about Women for Women International's Join me on the Bridge campaign for the first time. My eyes stung with tears as I read that the women in Congo and Rwanda would meet on a bridge connecting their countries to call for peace amidst a violent war. It was only as these tiny tears turned into huge dollops rolling down my cheeks that I realized something big was happening. What was it? And how could I respond especially since I felt so powerless- what could I really do?

It was weird because I remember feeling no doubt that I would respond, but also feeling full of doubt as to what I could do. I know now- I’ve experienced it enough- that it is possible to feel everything at once, things that are seemingly opposites. In that moment I felt small and helpless yet alive and emboldened.

All my thoughts going, “you can't organize an event, you don’t know what it’s like to live with war raging around you, you can’t change anything,” -they got trumped. On that day, I choose to listen to the knowing in my body, and despite the event being only a week out, I began to plan a small gathering on our beach walkover bridge. On March 8, 2010, nearly 50 women showed up and I got a taste for what happens when you choose to experience yourself in a new way. The world changes. It can be experienced in a new way too. Maybe that was what touched me so deeply when I read about the Congolese and Rwandan women. Their act was extraordinary in that despite their outer circumstances, they could choose to see things radically different. They could imagine peace. They could imagine what might happen when we connect with one another.

I like to think it was my future self- the one who stood atop the Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on March 8, 2011, arm raised in celebration- who pulled me toward her that day I sat in tears at my computer. The one who saw that the world can be the place that I’ve always sensed it could be.

When we show up, when we listen to the whispers of life, we begin to consciously co-create the future, and like the women in Congo, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Bosnia and everywhere the women are standing on bridges, writing on World Pulse and speaking their truth, I create a unified, peaceful and compassionate future for humanity.

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I always think that we are powerless until we decide to take a step and realise how powerful we are. Thanks for joining all women where there seems to be no peace. We can do it

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It's nice to feel part while we're still only look, when the eyes suggest to our feet to walk in search of the future, and the mind recognizes the value of participating, of being an integral part, there is a meeting of solidarity The meeting of people make the bridge. Joins the cause to the wind, "the wind" do their part. Shout to the four corners of the world his voice of hope.

Hope in a world where people are the most respected. Acosta Bridge in downtown Jacksonville on March 8, 2011. It is the hope of finding a better world.