Introducing myself and my journal: Connected Energy

Posted November 7, 2010 from Canada

About Me: Wow... What a surprise to find a forum that caters to my needs! Man have I been searching for this for a while... Lately the world has seemed much smaller than it used to.. I remember when I used to have faith in humanity...not anymore. People just seem so selfish nowadays. Everyone is in a hurry to get through life and to twitter as much as possible, and for what? The world seems to have turned from Mother Earth to being a popularity contest, and it's sickening. Forgive me for sounding so mellow dramatic, but I am sure you have all thought about it..

Enough about the world... I am currently a receptionist working at a high end spa in a world renown hotel..I'm putting myself through school to study nursing and cooking...I am still uncertain of where I want to be in life, and it is scary.. I'm 22, some may say I have a whole life ahead of me, and I do... But in the world today where everything is based on quick results and instant gratification, I feel like i'm in stagnant water.

The Earth may be going through Global Warming but the world's soul is going through a global freeze.

My Passions: Painting, dancing, sculpting, making jewelery

My Challenges: Speaking my mind

My Vision for the Future: Only time will tell...

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  • Sarvina Kang
    Nov 07, 2010
    Nov 07, 2010

    Hi Cassandra,

    I'm so glad and excited to have you in our community. PulseWire is a great platform, it is so amazing. In here, you can post your free journal, connect with many women worldwide and learn from each other.

    Many thanks to you to be part of PulseWire!!! I'm looking to reading your post more in here...

    Kind Regards, Sarvina Kang Phnom Penh, Cambodia