About Me: been a hospice volunteer for nearly thirty years. Decided to make a film about hospice care in South AFrica because i have many friends working in hospice there. the story is better told on our website Songofthesoulfilm.com. have seen wonderful end of life care in Tanzania, South Africa and know wonderful women doing the work in Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. it is amazing the kinds of trouble you can get into when you are over 50!. this is my first film project. What an honor to work with the amazing hospice Storytellers of South Africa.

My Passions: kind and competent hospice and palliative care for the world

My Challenges: not enough time to have conversations not enough food parcels for my friends

My Vision for the Future: that my country learns to learn from other countries

My Areas of Expertise: hospice volunteerism, how to dream a dream

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Warmest Welcome to PulseWire. I know you will find PulseWire to be a warm, vibrant community filled with empowered women speaking and sharing their lives with each other. I have learned so much from these women and have cultivated many amazing relationships with women from around the world. PulseWire has so many wonderful resources available to the members, I encourage you to explore the site, and read entries and join some of the groups. I am so excited to hear more from you about your film. I love that you refer to it as Storytellers of South Africa. I think that the liberation begins when people start telling their stories. I look forward to hearing your voice here. I looked at the website, how moving... Keep us posted!

Kind Regards, Jody

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I'm so glad you found our community! All of your activities sound so amazing and I hope you share them with us on PulseWire. I know you will find a lot of support here. We have other inspiring members posting from all over the globe, and we warmly welcome your voice to the conversation. Let me know if you have any questions about PulseWire and I will help to get you started. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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Cathe, I love that you state 'it is amazing the kinds of trouble you can get into when you are over 50!" I have a feeling that trouble is less of an issue than kind and wonderful mischief.

I look forward to reading about your film project on a subject that many do not wish to talk about. I am fascinated to see how culture plays a part in end-of-life care in Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe. I had not been introduced to hospice until I came to the U.S. and witnessed the care a dear friend received at the end of her short life. I have no doubt that end-of-life care is treated quite differently in different cultures, with varying emphasis on the spiritual, psychological and physical.

I look forward to hearing more of your story, your experiences and your voice here on PulseWire. Again, welcome. Janice