About Me: hi every one, am Moreen and am form Uganda , am Ugandan and i like working with communities and making people's lives better. i believe that every one should have a chance in life and a moment to smile about things that would have been sad for them. So i have dedicated my life to working in communities in my country.

My Passions: GOD

My Challenges: Accepting things i can not change

My Vision for the Future: To live in a better uganda

My Areas of Expertise: social work

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Hi Moreen, I really appreciate what you do and more than that I love your name. I met recently a girl in Kibera, Kenya who had the same name. I hope this name brings luck to you in all your initiatives. You can make great changes! Nice to meet you here!

Victoria Vorosciuc Project Coordinator "Empowering women to participate in community life" WorldPulse Media Corresspondent