WOMAN of ACTION - Jensine Larsen

Catherine Clark
Posted June 5, 2012 from Canada

A Celebration of Women is elated and honored to Celebrate the Life of this powerhouse woman leader, a visionary with the ‘knowing’ at the core of her being that through the Unity of Voice of all Women the sustainable positive change needed to Save our Planet, is possible.

Celebrate our newest WOMEN of ACTION, a significant voice in enabling a sustainable, positive global change for all women.

The beauty of this woman is that she believes: “It’s Possible!”

“Equality of Women Among Women” is our mantra, and this woman lives by it, enables it and has devoted her life to it … <3

Welcome to A Celebration of Women !!! VISIT US HERE: www.acelebrationofwomen.org

JENSINE HERE: http://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=83351

  • If YOU have a WOMAN of ACTION to nominate, please email us through our CONTACT PAGE.

Team Celebration

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