About Me: Acadamic – Diploma in Integrated Rural Development Techonology (4yrs). Course for Health manager – voluntary health asssociation -New Delhi. 29 years experience in the field of community development.Service oriented professional with expertise in empowerment of rural women Sustainable development of the communities to achieve all the capitals of social, human, physical, natural and financial for sustainable livelihood by self help and self development process. Included as member of the committee in the following departments District Employment Opportunity Consulting Committee, District THADCO (Monitoring & Evaluation) Committee District Child Welfare Committee Disaster Management Committee District Vigilance Committee District Environment Control Committee Water and Sanitation Mission Committee SSA – Education for All Committe

My Vision for the Future: To shape An Equitable and just society, free of the imbalances of haves and have-nots to live in peace and harmony.

My Areas of Expertise: empowering rural Women, Social Justice,Women legal matters,Family Law

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