Welcome to the Breastfeeding Protection, Promotion, and Support Group! Membership in the group is currently open. Members are invited to ask questions and to share how and why they are protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding in their work with women. I hope that, over time, the archives of this group will become a rich resource for anyone wanting to address the critical role that breastfeeding plays in the well-being of women, children, and our world.

Cynthia Good Mojab Director, LifeCircle Counseling and Consulting, LLC (www.lifecirclecc.com)

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Fabulous! Thank you so much for starting this group. I'm very excited to see what develops!

Corine Milano, Assistant Editor

--"We will surely get to our destination if we join hands." Aung San Suu Kyi --

I am past the nursing stage, but thanks for creating this group. I nursed my kids, one for 20 mths and the other until he was 2.5. Just this morning when I was getting dressed he asked to nurse. It's been 2 years...

I hope I am able to provide support to those still nursing ~

Kindly, 'becca