I've been thinking a lot about One Billion Rising that is happening in February 2013. We have a page on Facebook and it's amazing how many people are planning on joining in for this big event. I've made some new women friends and am beginning to feel like I have a community. It feels good. I wonder how women around the world are thinking about this day. I wish I could participate in the global acknowledgement that violence against women and girls must stop. It feels like the tides are shifting. I am hopeful that we are moving toward a world that reflect women's values. Peace, healthcare, education, childcare, food, the environment... I'm feeling even a little optimistic! Peace, Carol

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Thanks for sharing your positive nature in this post. Please continue to share these feelings with your peers, as a positive attitude & perspective can can have a profound impact towards impacting change! Thank you! :)

Hello Amirchima, Thank you for your reply. I am very excited that we have almost 200 women working on this project. It is my hope that when it is over, they will find other ways of supporting women internationally. And I agree with you. We must stay positive to avoid bitterness and surrender!

Thank you for posting about One Billion Rising. It will be a great event --and it is coming soon. I hope women (and men) around the world will participate and let their voices be heard.