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Posted January 8, 2012 from Pakistan


Chaman Welfare Society was founded in 1980 and registered with the government as NGO in 2009. Since 1980 to 2008 more than 9 Million patients of Tuberculosis, Eye diseases, and other ailments have been treated. Thousands of poor children have been educated, widows have been given monthly support of sewing machines, marriage support too many poor families have been given. All that is going on with the help of well to do people of the area. Chaman Welfare Society is also continuously raising awareness on different issues of public welfare through media, seminar, walks and conferences. In 2008 Media Centre was founded at Chiniot, under which print and electronic media like, Daily JANG, Daily TIMES, THE NEWS, AWAZ, WAQAT, and INQLAB were attached with. Different national and international electronic media like GEO. AAJ, ARY, NEWS ONE, ATV etc. are attached with the media centre. Different local news papers are attached with, owned by and released from media centre. Media Centre has the honor of attachment with international media also, beside fore mentioned veterans.

In 2007 Chaman Welfare Society worked to raise the public issues witch the power of PEN through its local newspaper Daily RUTABA. All the basic human rights issues of health, education, sanitation, safe water supply, gender promotion, women empowerment, skill development, and environmental protection etc. were raised in press and through TMA Chiniot meeting, conferences, walks, symposia’s, posters, leaflets, brochures in collaboration with TMA and administration and Social Welfare Department. In 2008 much work was done on education and unemployment and skill development. Well to do people were contacted for admission and financial aid to poor students in different institutions. Hundreds of people were got skilled and employed in Chiniot furniture industry. Free medical ad Eye Camps were organized in poor deprived slums of Chiniot. With help of PMA Chiniot awareness about HIV/ Hepatitis and other health hazards were raised in prostitutes, young workshop workers, truck drivers etc. Awareness seminars were organized with maximum participation and media coverage. Work was appreciated by all levels of administration and public. Even administration has donated non functional schools to Chaman Welfare Society which we intend to run in collaboration with other donors and NGOs.

Chaman Welfare Society invites your kind self and organizations and NGOs to come up and work with us to achieve our goal of uplifting humanity. Even our Schools can be adopted/helped partially or wholly by your kindness Chaman welfare Society intends also to run skill development centers, evening clinics at the same donated places with your help. During flood 2010, more than Rs: 8Millions medicine was distributed in far off riverine areas. Water treatment and filtration plants were installed in flooded areas. Chaman Welfare Society also intends to work for Child Labour as more than 60% (estimated) children at Chiniot are involved in furniture industry as Child Labour. We intend to raise awareness, and promote these for free education through different schools.


Chaman Welfare Society believes in gender equality and all the times working for this. 1. Women empowerment has been attempted through their skill development at stitching center and distribution of sewing machines. 2. More than 15 females are in the society in different positions 3. Ten vinnee cases have been highlighted and got settled 4. Computer training center for women established 5. Watta-Satta and forceful marriage below 18 years were highlighted in media and checked. 6. Seminar on World Women day at Girls College Chiniot

Your kindself is invited to visit Chiniot in this context and see the great intensity of the basic human right issue here. Chaman Welfare Society will like to work with you as partner at Chiniot.

Thanks Amir Umar Chaman +92-300-7703800

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