If a woman can talk for the betterment of a woman, it will be the success of the future. World Pulse has given a great opportunity to raise our voice for ourselves. Society has specified an amazing place to women in society which they have to suffer. If the truth is this, what is the happiness which they have today? Do you think that they will enjoy their like this? Without a shade for their heads, without any cover for their around, they can’t lie to the world. Even they wanted to tell to the world, how can they get their happiness by a lie? It is the truth of their lives. That is the truth of their fates. This is a great chance to write and communicate with the society as a woman with women for the betterment of the nation of women. Though most of the time society has given a low position for women in everything, this is a preeminent place to show the power of our sound. Today, even in a developed country as well as in a developing country, women are struggling to have their rights. It helps to have the shining tomorrow instead of these dark clouds. As the bighting starts we all will be in the mid night with the pleasure of freedom and rights without any fear about the future. As a woman I feel I am not someone who acts in a good way for the name of women. It is because of the concept that the woman should work for the betterment of everyone. But, if we want to work for the betterment of the women nation, it doesn’t means that we have to scarify all. It is okay to refuse something we don’t like and we don’t want, even it hurts someone. We refuse it, because we think that it will be a black mark for our lives as well as our whole nation. Therefore, it is not a bad thing to do. However, we have born as women, still live as women. It means we, most of us, are doing all the things under the concept which the society has given to a woman. But, the concept has not given the right place in the society to live in the world as a citizen. All the things which the society has given have blocked the path of them and have built a wall in front of them. Now, we can’t move from our place. Thought we can’t move, does it means that we don’t have the ability to reach to our place. No, I propose that if we take a step forward, it will be a huge bridge to the freedom of women nation. As the bridge we have “World Pulse” to reach for our freedom nation. So, as the future women generation we have the right to show the ability that we are not in the frame which the society has given. We are in a far developed position than they think. In conclusion, it’s the sun…. the freedom. World pulse is the bridge for the sun. we just have to move steps forward to reach the sun. Here my hand... hope that you all will follow the same way with me…..

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Dear Champika,

I think I get your point.

In kiswahili there is a saying that goes, "Njia mbili zilimshinda nyoka", that is to say that a snake can not follow two paths at the same time. Maybe we do need as women to be a bit more selfish and focus be persistent and consistent on empowering ourselves first, despite the challenges we face. The rest of the world will automatically follow suit.

It is up to us, no one can do it for us. I accept your hand.

I really love that you are so young and informed. My daughters also wonder why other girls seem to be so mindless and I tried explaining that other young woman need to be proud that they think for themselves and are still fun and interesting. It is very hard when you feel like you are the only one thinking these things and can't figure out why all the others girls don't seem to understand this too.

When they started school and talked with me when they got home I said they should seek the girls who are the 'smart' or the 'nice' ones to hang around instead of the most pretty or most popular and they could find real friends that way. I hope we can change things enough where the girls can feel confident enough to be 'different' from the others since I think society teaches them to be 'followers of the herd of men'. That is hard to go against if you feel everyone else is thinking that so it is great that you are out there showing them there is a better way to be and that thinking for yourself is the start of it.

I really like that image of this place as the bridge to the sun and offer my hand as we search for the brighter tomorrow for other woman and girls.


Hi Champika,

I can't wait to hear more of your powerful voice! The idea of us women supporting each other is perfect!

In companionship,


Champika, Thank you so much for sharing you positive words of encouragement to all fellow women of the world. You have such a strong voice, and a voice that many of us stand behind. I must admit, i am extremely new to pulsewire, and being that your thoughts were the first I have ever read on this site, I must say that I am thrilled. Thrilled to be part of such a great movement. Your words encourage me to stand strong, and let my voice be heard without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. I am so proud of you for sharing your thoughts, and I look forward to reading more of your stories. Thanks again! Lora

Hello Champika,

My name is Kimberley and I am a VOF listener. Thank you for your inspiring words! Your essay offers an insightful and fearless appraisal of the oppression that women around the world continue to face. I appreciate your candidness. Yet through the darkness, it is clear that you are hopeful about the potential power implicit in connecting with other women who are determined to create change where they feel it is needed.

I was interested in your comment that women have "the ability to show that we are not in the frame which the society has given", and I would love to hear more about how Web 2.0 will make this possible. What might the steps forward that you refer to look like?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Champika.

Warmly, Kimberley

Dear Champika, Thank your for sharing your hand, your voice and your thoughts. I also offer my hand, voice and thoughts to share. We women have a unique perspective on the world. It is time our thoughts, voices and hands come together to make this world change for the better! Peace be with you, my friend. Warm regards, Joan Bartos