Update from the Field!

Posted May 19, 2014 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hello again everyone. Just a quick update today

Last week started off in a neat way , since the most recent class of survivors of gender based violence at City of Joy here in Bukavu graduated on Monday and we were invited to the ceremony. City of Joy is a partnership among V-Day and Panzi Foundation DRC. It is a 6 month long program where women live in community and learn about their rights, skills, justice and leadership, together. The graduation was energetic, joyful and victorious , which was awesome to be a part of with these ladies. There was much drumming, speeches, dramatizations, testimonies and singing – including two rounds of the national anthem. And each lady received a certificate of graduation which they all seemed quite pleased about. It was great to be there.

This week was fraught with internet and power difficulties so it has been difficult to get things done. There were meetings with potential donors, potential shipping companies and past donors, most of which were very encouraging! But no field visits to tell you about this week. We’ve been really focused on rallying support for our fundraiser to help Dr. Imani start his rural clinic in Kavumu, including promoting our campaign for him, which you can find at (https://rally.org/healthincongo) and meeting with Dr. Imani to determine what he already has available for the clinic and what he will need in terms of supplies, medicines and equipment in order to properly provide safe and holistic emergency obstetric care. Please take some time to check out the campaign and spread the word in your community.

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