Hey.... You out there.... Come visit with me. What's up with this??you are my house, my home, and yet you constantly fight to keep me locked up and hidden. Why?

Who are you trying to hide me from? Don't you understand that I am you and you are me? We are one! I'm just the voice you feel no one should hear. The self you are trying so hard to ignore. I WANT OUT! I want to be part of you again. Let me free!

You don't have to let me take over, you don't have to lose yourself to me.... I can become one with you and if we rise together we can be a powerful voice for good, a voice for change, a beautiful fiery being that can light the torch for so many in darkness.

Embrace me.... Embrace and ride with your inner dragon... Become the Phoenix!

Missyann Rose 04/11/2013 3.5 years into recovery/freedom