About Me: Transnational second generation Feminist, bibliophile, over-thinker, social individual and little black dress collector.

Now that my last midterm before finals is done and over with, I can formally introduce myself to the WP community, one that I already feel at home at.

The main reason why I'm here is because I like writing, and I like writing about women, women's issues, and feminist actions. I also like stories and story-telling and I want to write and read more stories that rarely make the news; stories that are considered not sensationalize enough, not sexy enough, not exciting enough for this or that publication. Stories about women society often overlooks--the domestic workers, the homeless grandmothers dumpster diving, the young women struggling to start over--stories that need to be written so they are not forgotten, and to let women know that they are worth writing about.

My want to do this has a lot to do about forgetting--I fear that I one day I'll forget all about the people that have inspired me, near and far, people who have made me contemplate about society and how each one of us have been slotted in certain roles and categories. Most of all, I fear that people have forgotten or do not yet realize that they can change these roles and transform categories, or even, destroy the derogatory roles and oppressive categories. I feel it necessary to write all these stories down because once they are recorded, the stories of women and our achievements can never be taken away.


To a long and memorializing journey. GO!

My Passions: Reading, writing, connecting, learning, laughing.

My Challenges: Slow at writing, essays tend to be too long. Inspiration is my main motivator.

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