The other day while i caught up with prime time news i was saddened by a story about a school in my village where 17 girls between class 4 to class 8 from the same school were found to be pregnant.These are girls who are between the ages of 10years and at most 16 years.Questions would be asked,was i saddedned because it happened in my village?Definately not.What saddened me most is how such young girls are exposed to sexual activity at such a tender age.Most of these girls when asked who was responsible it was an adult well known to her and her family.In some cases their very own teachers.This is the very reason why the boychild in such rural settings will always be way ahead of the girls when it comes to academic perfomance.What are the authorities doing about older men engaging chilren in sexual activities?Where are our morals as a society to let the very men that destroy the girls lives interact freely with us?What is our role as mothers,aunties and mentors to these girls? One we need to hold the authorities accountable as they should come to the bottom of such vice.The society should as well stand up and condemn such people and practices that expose our girls to such.The ladies in the community that have influence on such girls should open up and plan to educate girls on such issues to protect them... Every other day a young girls dream is shattered because of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.Let stand up for them!

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