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To live without a destination some my say is crazy but I've learned that to listen, my higher self carries me to where I am meant to be. It was the night before I had to do my poetry class assignment. It was my first one but I didn't know how I'd do with asking my brain to accomplish something I didn't know how to do. In 2003 I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury for some unknown reasons the symptoms still persist and I had to find a way to save my life. It wasn't until 2010 that I listened to an internet course on miracles and found out that the way I behave is what we all need to seek to be free of the suffering within the psyche. I put complete trust in the outcome being what life wanted from me that day, so I went off in my car to sense the direction I was led, my feet, heart and gut becoming reliable ways to know I'm moving the right way. It's no coincidence that Deepak Chopra came to Portland in 2008, that spirit could teach me and then each afternoon I'd sit and listen to what this process is called awakening. HeartMath taught me that I can stay in heart state consistently and they recommended that we all spend more time being this way for our well being these days. I put my trust in something I couldn't see, an intelligence that would support my every need. It even helped me see what my thoughts were doing to feed misery. Without a brain to trust to save me, I built that connection with those parts of me that adore, cherish and honor me. I submitted my poem for the UN celebration, a spontaneous expression of an experience that seemed almost impossible to have taken place. A nomad from Tibet sits down by me, Buddha seeing Buddha we begin to speak, the beauty in everything filled the space and life was reflecting Grace. I don't know how a won a poetry contest being me but I did by some miracle inside us you see.

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Hi Cheryl,

Last year when I was going through a very difficult break up, questioning why it didn't work and what I could have done better, a friend told me this very thing. She said, "Sometimes it's OK not to know why." This is something I have immense difficulty remembering in my daily life. I can get so caught up trying to figure out the "why?" that I often lose sight of what's actually important. Thank you for this reminder!


"A writer’s job is to tell stories that connect readers to all the people on earth... Passionate and well-articulated ideas can and do change the world." ~~Mary Pipher

Wow! That is so very exciting that you won that poetry contest. Your last line about "Buddha seeing Buddha" is very powerful!

Thank you for sharing your miracle.

Much Peace,



Your story speaks to such a truth! A truth that is inherently hard to express in words. You left me wanting to know more about your journey. I just love the ending. Kudos to you and the beauty you see in the world.

In gratitude, Caitlin

Your writing is a reminder that sometimes (or often?) we have to let go of control, we just have to trust and have faith that whatever will be. That is not always easy.

Congratulations on winning the poetry contest!