I don't know where I am going

Cheryl Rask
Posted October 29, 2009 from United States
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"So be here now" I hear. My connection to spirit is clear and to the point. A Mom of a 10 year old boy, a light-worker ready to be free from the slavery of my circumstances. I sustained a head injury in 2003, I sustained a re-injury in 2005, I wondered after the second accident what message did I not get and what did I do wrong. A professional career, self sufficient to become unable to care for myself or anyone else. No one came to live with me to help me survive yet even then my needs were met. In 2009 I don't have any idea how I will take care of us when our support ends in early 2010. I dedicated my life to what I was called to do to heal and to share with others the teachings I had been given. I learned that who I am is not what I do or do not do; that I am complete and whole only my mind suffers with that which limits me. Through meditation, presence, emotional freedom through inquiry and the questioning of my own thoughts have I been freed. It wasn't till this summer that I realized that not having answers is what I was looking for, the end to having anything to figure out. Through a pulse we move into the next moment, without thinking we sense, we act and we succeed. By becoming present I learned to deactivate the brain injury and the self destructive reaction in the endless loop of not being able to find an answer. I decided to leave what bothered me behind and join the party happening each moment. Through becoming disabled I was given the path to being enabled. With suicide being 5 times greater for those returning from war with head injury, I'd like to share with them the enduring disability is not who you are. God bless.

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