Being here without a brain ... is it possible?...can a human survive on this planet without a brain?

Cheryl Rask
Posted November 3, 2009 from United States
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What human deem as impossible is possible by God. When my eyes can not see, I still know that life is real. I watched an episode of Charlie Rose today. The O Holy Bartholomew present to simply offer kindness, respect and love to all human kind and all the God created. I don't know what the future holds, a 41 year old self discovered being who makes it each day by Grace. When my mind offered no answers but the want to be finished living if it could be see relief, yet by choice I find a way to find love in who I am beyond my thinking. My only resource for income ends in 2010, I can not see, I have no answers and I have nothing to find to worry about... this is freedom. With nothing to figure out, no answers, the ego releases and freedom blissfully arrives. The courageous act to surrender this over to life already helping me out to evolve. I thank you!

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