you don't have to wait till death to be free like so many imagine being in heaven

Cheryl Rask
Posted April 2, 2010 from United States

We don't have to wait to be at peace. Life gave me all I needed to evolve and to not let negative thoughts be what sucks the joy out of living. This is not the most easy thing to do but it's totally worth it. Relationships and communication become more rich when you show up fully present, when we leave what bothers us behind. I enjoyed submitting about what land means to me. I recognize that the same life energy in us is in everything and everyone, no one is left out. Join me in offering peace in thoughts, words and actions. Only imagine what the world would be like if we related to each other from unconditional understanding, if we all did our work to release what is bothering us. We could collectively activate the impulse and make the change by being peace.

Peace,Groovy, magic, wonder, love and laughter, Cheryl

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