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I am very interested in hearing more about JASS. It is my dream to start a center that uses storytelling and yoga to help children, particularly orphans. Where can I find more information about the program? How has the holistic health component been received by the community?

The response was overwhelming from the community, and many people are still making inquiries. It is the best way of dealing with stress and fragmentation, and a very political way of demanding our rights back as women activists. I will send you more information from the experiences we have had so far, please send me your email address. Please google search JASS and search heart-mind-body on their blog.

Dudziro Nhengu

Chibairo, Thank you for sharing this post. Holistic solution, heart-mind-body-well being are subjects that are very close to my heart. As a Holistic Health Coach and Women's Empowerment Coach here in the U.S I also used a lot of the holistic practices you mentioned.

You are very correct when you mentioned that we as women expand a lot of energy in taking care of every one else first before we have time for own self care. My hope in my own work is to empower and train a new generation of women on the importance for self care. It is not selfish to take care of you, it is your right.

I am very impressed by the work JESS and you are doing for the women in Zimbabue. I would love to see how I can get involved.

Keep on writing sister, I'm looking forward to hearing more on how this project is going.

Blessing, Azaria

Azaria Ulmer, CHC, CPCC Wellness & Empowerment Coach

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What you are trying to offer for your fellow Zimbabwean women is such an overlooked but essential component of helping to develop and heal communities. Too often is the soul overlooked - it is only examined when there is extreme anxiety or illness - but it is so important to manage and heal oneself through alternative means outside of practices like psychology and psychiatry.

You offer a lot of information on challenges and your solutions, but it would have been helpful perhaps to give a more concrete example of how exactly you would use PulseWire and other online communities for your work.

Good luck!

I was moved by your story and I'd just like to encourage you to continue. You now have PulseWire and its amazing network of women : use it as a tool to promote your struggle for women's well-being...You can rely on me for supporting your efforts, ever :)

With friendship, Ke