When Rodney can go to school, the world becomes more beautiful to live in

Dudziro Nhengu
Posted December 11, 2018 from Zimbabwe

The world only becomes beautiful and secure to live in when young girls and boys can go to school and explore their potential. What is freedom without choice? What is peace without access? What is independence without young smiles? Rodney Rufaro Mapasure lost his mother who succumbed a pregnancy complication when he was still 8 years old. As a result of this life changing event he had to stop going to school for a number of years because his grandmother could not afford looking after him and his other two siblings. Rodney was born 0n 5 May 2003, ad this year 2018 he just completed grade seven and passed with flying colors. He would like to go to secondary school but no one has to date committed to assist him pay school fees. His mother was a single cross-border trader at the time of her untimely death.

"I miss my mum. I know if she was alive I would be going to either Churchill High School or Prince Edward High School because she had promised me that. Now with the complications I face I wish I could go to one of my church based secondary schools such as Ruya or Nyazura Adventist High Schools. Going to boarding school will save my grandmother from looking for bus fare and food for me on a daily basis, and it will also reduce her work load. My grandmother is not healthy and is always going to the local clinic for medication. I love school. Going to boarding school will also cushion me from township peer pressure. Sometimes when I am depressed I cant help looking for quick happiness from wrong places with wrong friends. I am good at all subjects but best at Maths and English, and I play football, athletics and many other games too. I am a pathfinder and have gone through all my church requirements," says Rodney with a brave smile.

Anyone wishing to assist Rodney can contact me at nhengud@africau.edu and I will put you in touch with his grandmother.

Thank you and greetings from Zimbabwe.

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Dec 11, 2018
Dec 11, 2018

Hi Dudziro,

Thanks for sharing your post about Rodney. Do you have an NGO that helps children get an education, or what is your mission? You may want to post your request on the "resources" page: https://www.worldpulse.com/en/my-pulse/resources.

Please keep us posted on your progress to find funds to help Rodney complete his education. Good luck:-)

Dec 11, 2018
Dec 11, 2018

Oh how I wish we get someone to quickly help him, but I believe that he will go to school. Rodney should hang in there, everything is gonna be alright. May the universe embrace him. I send positive energy to both of you.

Bim Adegbite
Dec 14, 2018
Dec 14, 2018

One child at a time. I believe he will go to school. You may want to start a go fund me page for Rodney. You may be amazed at the response you'd get. Have your friends share and see the power of crowd sourcing one $ at a time.

Ngala Nadege
Dec 14, 2018
Dec 14, 2018

Thanks for sharing. Hope Rodney's education will not be neglected. You may want to post it as a resource here on WP.

Veronica Ngum Ndi

Dear Sis
Thanks for sharing the story of Rodney.I wish him courage and love.