VOF ‘WEEK 4: { finding a lost voice} As a young woman I am ambitious have a lot of dreams and plans to achieve. I would like to reach a point in my life where I am comfortable in my own skin and are in a position to speak and be heard. Being a relatively younger person people tend not to listen when you speak I hope to reach appoint where I am well known in my country just for speaking for the voiceless.

In the future I dream and see myself as a communications consultant dealing mostly with community media. I would like to do this because even though my country is developing in terms of media and communications, community media remains the least developed and yet a larger group of people who could have been reached especially in the rural areas remain voiceless.

In future I would see my country and especially the community that I work in having the capacity to air out their views. I would like my country to have as many community radio stations as possible. I would like my community to reach a stage where radio is no longer a luxury rather an everyday accessory. I would like my country to have more people who are educated and are able to read and write and be in a position to read news papers and make informed decisions.

Writing on pulse wire or at least the networking has brought me back to a place where I have the space and the control to write. Having moved from the main stream media i lost my ability to speak out in public therefore this is an excellent chance for me to write which is something I love most. Writing and being assured that no matter what your story is or what your views are you will be heard is an excellent feeling.

Being a pulse wire correspondent will therefore afford me the ability to express myself and also to speak for those who don’t have the ability to speak for themselves. Being on pulse will also expose me to online resources and news sources and ideas to enable me write better and link my communities with service providers and communities in the world.

I would like to be a pulse wire correspondent because pulse wire is a network of likeminded and passionate people who would like to speak for themselves and others. This network is also important because it provides a forum for networking and sharing experiences. For me that is important since learning from others provides an inspiration that one can also achieve what others have achieved.

Pulse wire will also help me show case the lifestyles and issues from my country. My country is highly cultural country with people who have beliefs that need to known. I would like to the world to know that my country has people who are hard workers and also love life. I would also like to show the world that people from my country have their own personal stories that need to be told, So being a pulse wire correspondent will do just that for me

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Dear Chinango!! Hope you had a great Easter!! It is great reading your passionate weeek four assignment. Iam moved by your determination to put all ods behind you and forge a head.

Wishing you all the best in yoiur endeavour to bring socioal change through media.

Warm Rgds and hope to keep intouch to lkeran more from your country. I love Malawi

Gichuki Francis

thanks for your encouraging comments we have alot to learn from each other and we as a coutnry are proud to share you any information you may need on our culture and lifestyles regards matilda

I am glad that you are not shunning your culture, rather you are looking for avenues to showcase and tell this culture locally and internationally go go go Miss Young beautiful African woman!

Thank you for sharing your vision for yourself and how you'd like to contribute to your community through your writing. I appreciate how specific and clear you are in spelling out why your work will make a difference - it sounds like you have a lot of important stories to tell and I hope to get a chance to hear more of them in the future. I've never been to Malawi, but I would like to hear what people have to say who don't usually get a chance to be heard. I also think you are so right to want to spread access to information to more people who don't currently have access. Very important work and I wish you all the best in realizing this vision. I am grateful for the chance to be your VOF listener for this week and hope to get to read more in the future.

All my best, Grace

thank you for your encouraging words, it is nice to know that somebody made an effort to listen to my voice.I hope you will get a chance to visit my country because i know you will love it. thanks you Matilda