She is humble but blessed

Calm and reserved For she knows her worth It springs forth even when she's not acknowledged She sacrifices all, gives all, bears all and even endures all As she awaits the prize of her pain For it's is what she lives for and draws joy Even when tomorrow seem blank The past pain is forgotten But replaced by wonder As she holds her child For what seems like months of pain came with a life time of joy

This is her consolation

Happy mother's day...

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.

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I wish every woman could know her worth. Then they could stand strong when they are told they can't or they shouldn't and say "that's not true, I deserve opportunity, not restrictions". I hope the doors of opportunity are opened wide for you. I enjoyed your ability with words.

Diane Ezeji

Thanks for your beautiful words. My son turned 13 today and I thank god for sending him to me. I wish I had such eloquent words to describe the experience as you have.

Wow. That is great. Happy birthday to your son. It is such a wonderful feeling. The heart describes the words the mouth can exclaim. Showing love covers all.

Thank your kind words