Introducing myself and my journal: Gladys

Gladys Siazele
Posted June 15, 2012 from Zambia

About Me:

I'm a married woman aged 41 with 3xchildren. described as follows:

  1. I'm trained in textiles/tailoring(clothes) situated in Lusaka the capital city of Zambia.
  2. My husband works with the Zambian government seconded to the Ministry of Health.
  3. Our first born is completing his secondary education this year aged 18 years.
  4. I make clothing/textile from my house for the community, religion organizations and rarely for local schools.
  5. As a family we own 1xhouse where we live.
  6. My husband and myself would like to invest in: a) Textile, footwear etc. b) Lodging and Boarding(Hospitality) and c) Transport and communication
  7. My home town is in Batoka region of the Southern Province of Zambia.
  8. My husband comes from Lundazi of the Eastern Province of Zambia

I got married to my husband in 1993.

My Passions: Textiles

My Challenges: No resource mobilization venture/investment

My Vision for the Future: Invest in serious textile & footwear investment

My Areas of Expertise: Textil(tailoring)

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