Introducing myself and my journal: Women helping Women

Posted December 30, 2009 from United States

About Me: By day I am a sugical nurse. I have worked overseas as a nurse short term in multiple countries over the years. I have two grown children. My passion & spare time are spent beading & helping three groups of women in Kenya develope sustainable co'ops. It has been a true blessing to see women's faces turn from apathy & dispare to those of joy & purpose. I have been moved by the stories in your magazine & look forward to becoming a more active partner.

My Passions: Beading, working overseas, helping women reach their potential

My Challenges: Finances, My 86 year old mother lives with me

My Vision for the Future: To be able to work overseas several months out of the year

My Areas of Expertise: surgical nurse, beading

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  • Fatima Waziri - Azi
    Dec 31, 2009
    Dec 31, 2009

    Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

    Its so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fun time with your new online friends. I know that you will find this to be a positive experience and I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community.

    Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!

  • Sharese
    Jan 01, 2010
    Jan 01, 2010

    Welcome to Pulse Wire. I am fascinated by your experiences and would love to hear more. I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica and am thinking about going into nursing school when I get back to the US.

    I look forward to reading about your journey. Let me know if you need any help navigating or would like to know how to connect to other members with similar interests/goals. There is group called Jambo, Hello from Kenya! that you may find interesting because of your work and passion for Kenya.

    Much Peace,


  • Chrissiefox
    Jan 03, 2010
    Jan 03, 2010

    Hi Sharese, Happy 2010! It's nice to meet you & thanks for writing. I have a friend that is in the Peace Corps in Camron. It's much more rustic than most of my mission trips. I applaud your courage! Nursing is a great profession It can open a lot of doors for you. Although it seems to be hard to get into nursing schools right now I would still encourage you to pursue it. I would diffinitly be interested in this group called Jambo & any others! How do I contact them? Navigating the word of computers is always a challenge for me. Thanks for the offer. What is your project in Jamacia? My daughter & I visited there about 6 years ago we opted to stay up at the west end of Nigril instead of a resort. I always like staying were the locals live you get a better feel for the country. There is diffinitly a lot of need there. We had a wonderful time! Look forward to hearing from you again soon...Chris

  • Sharese
    Jan 05, 2010
    Jan 05, 2010

    If you would like to connect with some groups you can go to: and then search whatever kind of groups you want (for example Kenya).

    Jamaica is Irie mon! For real though, it is alright. It is HOT when it isn't raining, but the rain cools it down some. Unfortunately I lost my umbrella yesterday!

    I work at a Girls' home for abused, abandoned, and deliquent girls. I do empowerment work. I used to work at a primary school teaching literacy. The whole expereince has been very eye opening!

    The west end of negril is beautiful! I have some friends that live that way. Stellar cliff views. That is awesome that your daughter and you stayed somewhere outside of a resort!

    I look forward to reading more about your journey and your family!

    Peace and Love,


  • Jade Frank
    Jan 03, 2010
    Jan 03, 2010

    Hi Chrissie,

    Welcome to PulseWire! We are thrilled to have you as a new member in our thriving community of women who are lifting their voices in the name of empowerment and connecting across borders to make positive change for women everywhere!

    I encourage you to post a picture of yourself, or a symbol that has meaning to you and tell us more about yourself through your journal. Think of your journal as a blog, where you can speak your mind and reach an audience of over 3000 women and supporters of women's initiatives. Check out what others are writing about in Voices Rising. I think that you will find PulseWire to be an exciting place to garner support, make connections and share your story!

    I am interested to hear more about your work with Our Helping Hands and the journey that has taken you around the world as a nurse and helping women in Kenya set up sustainable co-ops.

    Here is a PulseWire group you might be interested in joining based on your passion, as well as a few members who are doing great work in Kenya whom you might like to connect with:

    Jambo, Hello from Kenya! Discuss strategies and ideas about how to help connect Kenyan women and community groupsworking for social change with women globally.

    Consolata Waithaka Director, Womans Hope

    Sophie Ngugi Program Coordinator, Young Women's Leadership Institute

    Judith Ngene Administrator, African Crafts Supplier

    I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire. Happy New Year!

    Cheers, Jade

    Online Community Manager World Pulse