About Me: I am a development communications practitioner involved in policy and development analysis with a bias to gender influence, coherence and integration in development. I am keen about gendered development policy and development programming.

An active participant in the Nigerian and global social development discourse, I have extensive experience in germane social development issues from the National Foundation on Vesico Vagina Fistulae, Post Abortion Care Network, (Nigeria), and Development Information Network. I currently work as Executive Director, Centre for Policy and Development, Lagos, Nigeria. I am also the President, African Women Development Cooperative and Protem Coordinator of the African Women ICT4D Network. I have a couple of publications to my credit. I will share them as time goes on.

My Passions: Women's sustainable livelihoods and access to financing

My Challenges: Sufficient financing to fund female entrepreneurs

My Vision for the Future: A women's development bank

My Areas of Expertise: Communication

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Christiana, so wonderful to meet you virtually. Wow, you are doing such amazing work. I look forward to when you share the publications you have to your name, as well as learning more about you. ICT4D is especially interesting to me as it intersects with what we do here at World Pulse. Technology has the power to connect so many people across borders. It is truly an invaluable resource.

Looking forward to further conversations, Corine