I have been at home today in Northeastern US, snowed in by the winter storm of the week, and have spent some time in front of the television mesmerized by what is unfolding in the streets of Cairo. The news footage on CNN has been terrifying as the protesters have taken to violence. Pro-Mubarak demonstrators have come into the square, and have brought small gasoline bombs and weapons. Some have come on horseback or camelback, wielding stones, machetes, pipes, and other primitive weapons. Thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters are there, but seem to be without the resources to defend themselves against their opponents. Many wounded protesters have been shown on TV. The Egyptian army is doing nothing to intervene.

American journalists who were welcomed in the square yesterday, were punched and chased into hiding today. The situation is dangerous. Reports are now telecasting from safe undisclosed locations in Cairo, and the US government is telling US citizens to get out of Egypt.

I guess I just wanted to share my support for the anti-Mubarak protesters, my compassion for those who get caught in the crossfire, my hope for democracy in Egypt, a speedy end to the Mubarak rule, and safety to all who are fighting for an end to corruption.