The leadership and management of environmental resources through social “circulating” theory.

Claudia Freire
Posted November 3, 2009 from Portugal

This event, which primarily takes the emerging need for a new paradigm purpose in a worn and tired society of the old economic model that now presents a breakdown of humanity, as expressed in the economic satellite system, but that will certainly impact in the field of culture and social emerging paradoxes that will crash and be the end of this current system that is closed and shows no amplitude. This subject therefore requires a closer maintenance of new concepts to link in the educational first stage level with a cultural perspective, with the objective of leading and streamlining the event cross-sector that is emerging from corporate “mutants”.

I also believe that the exploration of Gilles Lipovetsky holds the key to the sustainable change that is needed right now, and that the alignment of ideas around this matter is urgent in order to blow conclusively a new social model that can provide the way of progress and sustainability for our future, as explorers and inhabitants of this planet where we are living with existing resources rationally applied, encouraging a new order based on a new social organization theory that should start to expand on a new organizational form and cooperative way with the purpose of promoting and fostering the creation of a global partnership formed by constructive entities and based on parity, which allows the evolution of the human dimension focused on high potential as a catalyst for positive action, free of null objects such as “hyper- absorption”, with towards to a vision for the construction of new foundations that will consolidate the dream that humanity always idealized, and now more than ever we have an obligation and imperative need to achieve not only this ideal, but the real contribution pointing to this reality using our ability to change and adapt for new realities and social latitudes while maintaining the species with life.

It is just a step towards awareness of the need to conduct this old humanity three-dimensional dream, our freedom and existence in this wonderful planet we have the privilege of feeling every day with our look launched over it, remains in the act of observing all dimensions involving its composition, in which humans are both his major danger and salvation.

Rise up!

by Claudia Freire, 04/11/2009

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