Sometimes I think events are fated, and that we are led by the hand by a higher power, all the while thinking we are arriving there by our own volition.

My journey towards WorldPulse is one such journey.

My history and journey, is my family's. My peoples and my ancestors have led the way to where I am today, have made me the woman I am today.

I think as women we all understand this in a deep and visceral way. We are our blood, we are our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers blood. We go way back in time, and will extend into the future.

This is the legacy of 'Woman', it is the legacy of life, of creating and birthing life, and therefore to inquire about life, to have burning questions about creation, ourselves included.

Many times in my life I've wondered about this question, about the higher powers of the universe, free will, fates, God, karma…in short, the questions of life and what it is that we are here for.

Taking me to the more specific, "What am I here for, what is my purpose, what is my gift, my contribution to the world?"

I am able to ask this question because I have been fortunate enough to live a life that has brought all the personal wounds and tribulations that life brings, but was a safe and privileged world regardless.

I have always had enough to eat, I have a university education, and have gone on to open my own businesses and travel the world.

As a woman I know that my life has been a fortunate and blessed journey of exploration and discovery.

My ancestors were immigrants. Some were from small towns in the Pyrenees mountains; they were goat and sheep herders. Others from small towns in Syria; they were farmers and tillers of the land. And all of them must have asked of themselves the same questions about life and their place in the world that I ask myself.

All of them were brave enough to explore that question, get on a boat, endure leaving their homeland and embarking towards the unknown, towards a new land; Argentina.

Towards a new future and a new meaning for their lives.

I feel that my explorations of life and its meaning have taken me around the world, like my ancestors, and have caused me to strive for a better life; for personal growth, and towards the quest of answering, "How can I best contribute, serve the world and its people?"

This question has led me by the hand to find WorldPulse, where I hope to somehow be able to connect to a higher cause, to contribute and to help be a building block towards something bigger than myself.

To add my voice to yours and together build a stronger voice for women.

My question has led me on this journey, and towards 'Our Journey' as the women of the world who will help to transform her, and bring about a new and better world.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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Your writing reminds me of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, made famous Mark Twain. Fate has led you here and may it be a wonderful and inspiring journey both to you and all whose path crosses yours.



Hi Tawjna (what a beautiful name!). Thanks for stopping by and for your comment**yes, I do believe you are right...fate and the wonderfully strange ways that life leads us to places we need to be has led me here...May what led you here be a wonderfully valuable & inspiring journey to you also, and I'm happy to have crossed paths with you!

Peace, Claudia

You accomplished in less than 500 words the ability to eloquently speak on humanities most highly regarded questions of "what am I here for, what is my purpose,what is my gift,my contribution to the world". I feel a kinship with you after reading as I am in the same place. My your journey of discovery be filled with love,peace and enlightenment!

Bryne Atkinson

Hi Bryne...Thanks for your kind words...doesn't it seem that we are at a cross-road of sorts? I think and feel as though now more than ever in the history of humanity that question is more asked and also most relevant to the survival of our species and to the fate of the earth. I hear you sister, and so many of us are asking that question and holding a mirror up to each other to help ourselves answer it in the best and most honest possible way. May your own quest be filled with a joyous discovery of the best in yourself and what you can give to the world!!!

Peace, Claudia


You have written a beautiful, inspiring piece. I like your authoritative voice and your creative and thoughtful way of tying your personal quest to find your place in the world with the parallel existential quest we are all on. I like also that you examined the connection your journey has with that of your ancestors. You write from the heart.

I would like to have heard a bit more about your vision for the future. What does a "new and better world" look like? How might you personally help bring it about? Or if you are not yet sure what shape it will take, are there specific things you saw in your travels that inspired you to work for change, or that gave you some ideas of specific causes you might work on?

All the best,


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Hi Rebecca!

Thanks so much for your comments, and for the supportive words on my piece, it really helps to get some feedback and a perspective on what could make it better. To tell you the truth, the difficulty for me is writing in under 500 words! Yet I'm finding it a great practice to do so and learn to be succinct and yet informative enough to touch someone through writing...Thanks also for pointing out in what ways in particular I could build on the future vision...that is also incredibly helpful!!!

Warm Regards, Claudia