About Me: There is no exact formula for success. It depends on the person how she will make along with her chosen path. Yes, you are the captain of your own ship. It lies in your hand the success you want in life. And it's up to you how to handle everything that lies in it, the pain, trials and challenges that might come your way before reaching the top and enjoy all the privileges behind it.

For this young writer from Florida, this kind of thinking will surely inspire her to do good and be successful in everything she'll plan to do. She needs to stand on her own and believes that there is no given task she won't try to neglect but instead face it strongly and surpass it triumphantly. As a writer, she knows exactly what the world has to offer her. This will never be easy but she's eager to prove herself and make her name as one of those respected writer today. When it comes to hobbies, what she loves to do is to travel and collect arts like picture to painting and portraits. She's fond of the idea of using your own image and turn photo into painting.

My Passions: writing, arts

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Warm Hug ! From Nepal

It's my pleasure as well to be part of this platfrom. Thank you for the warm welcome and looking forward for long years of communication and letting me share my voice. I believe we can do a lot better for this world if we continue to unite and make positive changes.