As a Coach and Mentor it is an honor to be part of the Girl Mentor group. Being a coach/mentor can be very rewarding. Knowing that you are helping each girl/woman to find a clear path to making goals and dreams come to is amazing. Coaching to me is being a supportive guide for each person to take action steps to achieving their goals. Many times we get in our own way of having what we want. Whether you have low self esteem, lack of confidence, and or fear we can work through these issues together. My approach is to be your sounding board, guide and coach through each issue that is a barrier for you. You need to identify what the issues are, what they look like and how to make a change. Coaching can be very effective if you are honest with yourself and push through to make positive changes in your life.

Mentoring is a bit difference at least from my point of view. Being a mentor enables me to be a resource for each person. Often times we have great ideas but are unclear of what are action needs to take place. We take our own resources and experiences to assist in making your hopes, dreams and goals become reality. Where to start can be overwhelming at times. With a mentor you can make an action plan and be on your way.

Each coach has a difference focus and background which makes their offering unique and special. Coaching requires training. But, life experience is also the best place to learn.

Love, Coach Marcie

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your powerful words on coaching coach Marcie. The information you have provided is very helpful and we are glady that you are part of this amazing group of inspiring women making a difference in young people's lives.

we hope to continue learning more from you and everyone here.

warm regards


Dear Coach Marcie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts ad experience with us. Your line 'Knowing that you are helping each girl/woman to find a clear path to making goals and dreams come to is amazing' is encouraging. Your experience as a professional Coach and Mentor gives us more insight into what to expect as we journey hand in hand with the girls across the ocean.

In Appreciation

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

Yes! I love it! Thank you for posting; I'm always listening for powerful coaching voices. Our youth is so incredibly different than even ten years ago.

What is your favorite empowerment activity for girls (if you have one)? Would you mind sharing it?

I'm working with middle school girls (and boys) and always looking for ways to example steps to a full and fruitful life; how to cultivate the soil of life.

Thank you, Marcie!

Blessings! bd

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Thanks so much for your words. What I can tell you is when I was young I had lots of dreams but was too scared to find a way to go after them. My parents never really listened to my fears or feelings and it was sad. I found my own voice and became strong on my own.

What is a great exercise is to have the girls and even boys draw a picture of what they would like their life to be like. Although, they are young it only takes one idea to create the picture. They should close their eyes and picture what it looks like. Next, they can write down any fears or negative beliefs they feel would be blocks to achieving their vision. When this is completed ask them what is the first step they could take to make their vision reality. I use this exercise even with adults.

Kids dream BIG and at an early age we can help them create a path to being happy with themselves. The other great exercise is have them create a box to keep pictures, articles, thoughts in. It can become a road map for each child to put their hopes and dreams in a box and use as a reminder of what's important to them. As a child I used to cut out pictures and words out of magazines and save them.

Love, Marcie


Hi coach

Am greatful to you.Infact you are strenghtning us as girl mentors,your sharing is so powerful, you are bringing us closer to the world of girl mentoring so that we be laid the foundation to be visioned so that we overcome the obstacles that we might meet as we go thourgh to achieve our goals.

I have obseved nurses and doctors at the hospital,when everything now fails them they turn their heads to God to help them solve the situation.So i believe we need to trust God for these girls that are to be mentored, so that they will become loveble wome, adorable and respected in their communities.And also they will impact their communities with education and restore things lost within their communities.

I appreciate your kindness to share with us

Thank you so much

Coach Marcie

"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Hi Coach Marcie,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and opinion. I have to learn a lot from your post. I am sending my CV to Greight Foundation as I have a strong interest to help girls. Your writing really courage and support to all of us who would like to be mentor and to be coached.

With Love,, Shwe Wutt Hmon Myanmar

Shwe Wutt Hmon