Currency Indicator Tool for Visually Impaired People

Posted June 20, 2008 from India

We often think twice before a financial transaction - just imagine how the visually impaired population does it!!!

Visually impaired people have different ways of identifying the Indian currency with the help of measurements, smell, folding it……. There is no successful device available to them that will help them identify the currency denominator.

Kindly help me identify if there is any tool already available in your country. Presently we are doing a need assessment survey in India and soon we would launch this tool. So far it has been encouraging and we do look forward to hear from you. This is a mechanical device SMALL, CHEAP and easy to use. It can easily fit in your wallet or pocket.

I am doing a required need assessment to find out if this tool is really required by visually impaired people or not.

Kindly feel free to email me or call me for further information. Your help will help empower them. email:

Thanking you for your kind support and help extended.

Thanking you, Kind Regards,

Anand K

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