Valentine Day

Consolata Waithaka
Posted February 13, 2011 from Kenya

Tomorrow is Valentine Day..So many bigger plans to mark the event and express Love to our loved ones. So much money will be spend for a days occasion. My Valentine is Not a day occasion. We should be celebrating valentine each day in our own ways with our loved ones. I am not saying the celebrating is bad but I think of the people who can not even afford a days meal celebrate Valentine days. How do we show Love? I read in one of the newspapers that a three days celebration with a loved one will be costing one million! The adverts goes to the length to elaborate why the cost: Pick and drop with limousine, the chopper to take the lovers to the heights of Mt. Kenya..etc..I couldnt wonder how one can use that kind of money while people are dying in our country just in the name of LOVE. I have earned it, one will say. but i believe it is only that God has given us more than someone else. We are just keepers of all that we have acquired. Anytime God can demand it back!

My appeal to my dear sisters and brothers, can we touch someone tomorrow. We can make someone smile for just a small sacrifice we can offer. Last year my family spent Valentine with children whose mother passed on. The father no longer to be seen having started a new life with a second wife! Men will never stop to maze me..! The girls were so happy to see us and celebrate our love with them. My family offered to be sharing with them the little we have.. Pay school fees for one child who had droped out of secondary school and pay for them the rent for their house. I believe their life is abit more favourable now. We cant play God, we have our limits God gives us the wisdom to know who and where we are needed. Listen to His voice He will certainly direct you. What are your plans tomorrow? Love without any boundaries.

Happy Valentine World pulse Members.

Love Consolata

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