We are requesting women to come out and register with us to be able to touch as many vulnerable girls and Women as possible. During our visits to the slums we get so many sorry cases which really require our attention. We are requesting for the basic items e.g sanitary towels, soaps, pants and old clothes to be distributed to the needy girls. The requests are becoming more and more each day and we would want to partner with you as Womans Hope friend and give whatever God will bless you with. So many girls are dropping out of school when they start their periods. This only make their situation worse since without education they can only manage to be employed as house girls or gardeners. It will be great to visits the girls with you whenever we visit. Saturday the 20/12/2008 we are visiting the Kuwinda slums not only to give to the girls but also to enlighten them on the plights of the HIV and AIDS Kindly join us to enable us touch as many lives as possible. Strength is in numbers. Trust we can do so much together.

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Welcome on PulseWire.I would like to hear more about what you do,and the challenges that you meet from day to day in your work.Do you have any plans for a way forward?

I am so much impressed by the work that Woman's Hope does.I hope you will be able to network with many other organizations here on PulseWire to enhance your work.


In comradeship, Leah.

Hi Consolata! My work is with homeless families also--I bet we'd have some interesting stories to share with one another! I'd love to hear more about the young women you work with.

Part of your post made me think about something I recently read in an article about a newish organization called Goods 4 Girls: http://www.goods4girls.org/ which is working toward providing sustainable menstrual products to girls in rural areas. I don't know much about them, but perhaps they'd be a good resource for you in terms of getting donations! Best of luck to you!!

Your email was such an inspiration.I did write to goods4girls.com hope to hear from them. This really encouraging. Hope they can pass the knowledge to us to help empower our girls since they can be making the sanitary towels for sale. This will make them independent. This is my prayer and i know at one point God will answer it. I really thank God for a friend who introduced me to Pulse Wire ( Leah ) Lets keep in touch and share information that will turn- around peoples lives. In frienship, Consolata

Welcome to Pulsewire, and thanks for letting us know about the problem with girls dropping out of schools due to their periods. Adolescents is rough enough, without having the much needed items to get through it. The work you are doing for the girls in Kuwinda is immensely important. I only wish I was closer, so I could join you on Dec. 20. Thanks for the work you are doing to empower girls. It reminds me of how much more I am capable of doing.

In Friendship,


Hi Wendy, Really encouraging to know you took interest in what we are doing. Shows you have a heart of reaching out to our young sisters who are less privallaged. We had a really beautiful day yesterday as many Womans Hope friends come out to touch a girls heart. We had 88 girls who received us with a lot of jubilations and songs. Could have seen them... We managed to give them at least one month supply of the basic needs ( Sanitary towels, tissue, pants and soap) We realised how much the girls are so much in need of our Love. As we listened to them we realised many girls are suffering silently. We thought we urgently need to organise for a medical camp. Girls disclosed so much sex abuse is so much in the rise. People sucumbing to AIDS is no longer a srange thing to them. The girls are crying for a friend they can talk and release what has been boiling inside them. I thought that friend is you and me. It is posible, you and me can make a change in these girls lives. In sisterhood, Consolata