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This GROUP is for all the young at Heart in this great Network. The Sole Sista is for you who believes in first and fore most,good Health. For those who says they are fine, try running just one KM by the end of the week. Kindly lets know how it works for you. The other great bit which has kept me up and running is what i call a passion to see change in peoples lives. Just deciding to SWEAT OUT because of someones life is Not easy. You must have the heart to hurt your body for the worthy cause. We have a group( friends) both men and women who runs with us with a common Goal, touching and keeping a girl in school. We do a run every Saturday and by the end of the Month we do a small contribution that goes towards helping the less fortuanate girls in our community.This is an experience i wish each one can experience. Visiting the girls with supply of basic needs for at least a month. It is really satifying! Try it out in your community and lets share your experience HERE- SOLE SISTAS.

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