As I continue to ponder on my significance in this space that I am occupying right now,not only on this earth,but in my nation,workplace and in my home,i wonder what has been influencing my decisions.When I was in school,i remember wanting to be an air hostess even though my whole family could see me being a doctor because i always used to come top of my class,and yet,flying all over the world, and ,meeting new people seemed to be more exciting for me.Then as I grew older,i wanted to be in business,I wanted to have a one stop shop,beauty parlour,i even tried my hand in it for a little while,but let it go.Then i decided i loved people,and i wanted to empower them,so i went into Image Consultancy.I loved helping people but wasn't so enthusiastic about working with corporates. I still do training,but hardly for corporates..

Then things in Zimbabwe changed drastically and i got a job as a property manager,for the sole purpose of earning a constant income so as to bring some stability to our family. I too seriously considered leaving.Who wants to be 32 years old and struggling to pay a $500 rent,nursery school fees and just basic living expenses..Then today,like Oprah would say,I had another AHA moment.

Many people's life decisions are based on the availability of todays luxuries. They reason that if they go back home from abroad(where ever that may be) and start their business ,they wont be able to afford bacon and eggs for breakfast,or have takeouts twice a week,or drive the latest bmw (even though its on on loan),or own their own house(on mortgage),and yet all these things are immediate luxuries that one could for- go for future benefits.....delayed gratification..

What is standing in the way of you and your purpose??? could it just be an amazing pair of shoes?? Think about it...

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I loved this piece for so many reasons. its like you took my thoughts right out of my mouth. I am 36 and wondering the same thing. What is next for me? Who am I, what space do I want to occupy and will it fulfill my destiny, what is my purpose?

So many questions I often time just want to sleep them away. It is so hard to live in this material world , where money talks and also think about what your spirit needs to survive often times things and moments that money cant buy.

How do I , how do we balance the two.

HAHAH, i saw these pairs of shoes the other day and I had to decided whether to buy them cause they would hae made me feel good in the moment or keep my money so I can do something else like pay my bills that would take some stress away from me until the next month.

Things that make you go huuummmm...... Its good to know i am not alone.

In Bold Rebirth DEE

Well you made me to think about myself too..hehehe same thinking ! People live in present and they have to act accordingly! but one who keeps his/her vision clear reach to the top of it, so true!

thank you for this wonderful questioning post;)


Nilima from Nepal

I think about this constantly. In the states, it's so easy to spend the money we "earn." It's so easy to tell myself that I deserve a nice meal or lovely dress. But that food nor that outfit is what keeps me up at night wondering what I will do in my life. It isn't on my mind when I contemplate why the world is falling down all around me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with myself and so many others. I appreciate knowing I'm not alone in my mind!