Disability in My Village -- An Invitation to a Weekly Post

Posted November 1, 2014 from Philippines

Since being back in January of this year, I decided that I needed to do something about learning more on the situation of Disability in my country. I've been doing a whole range of support to disability sectors in countries I've worked for in the past but I don't know that much about it in my country. In 2010 I've got more involved in policies and working with high-level issues on disability and development, I went global - in terms of reach. So with all those information I have from my past experience, I like to top it up with what I will found out while I am here.

What do I know? Not much.

It is very ambitious to know the issues at the national level, though it's tempting, but I decided like children's developmental milestones, I have to do baby steps. I decided to get my lessons local - in my home town of San Pedro in the province of Laguna. Anyway I will always refer to the "national" to verify facts, to find out what's happening on other provinces and compare.

I am sure if I do search here I will see many posts on the subject and also on disability in the Philippines, I am sure those would be interesting, but I like to give my own two cents of opinion on what I am finding out when I started working with an existing local organizations of people with disability. I would also highlight on the Women with Disability -- I will try to be creative.

I will try to do a weekly posts on this subject -- every Tuesday, and hopefully I could capture readers that would give me inputs on their take on my opinions and have more interesting exchanges on it. I like also to make this interactive -- if you can join me by describing about other countries your experience would be great.

So in fact, this journal post is an invitation to the readers to join me every week on my "rant", "view" and "opinions" on disability in my village :)

Good evening.

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  • Lisa Anderson
    Nov 02, 2014
    Nov 02, 2014

    Dear Coolasas,

    I think this is a noble idea to spread awareness about disability in your village! Opinion can offer a powerful voice on the topic, and firsthand accounts of working with folks who face disabilities will be quite powerful.

    I love your idea of writing weekly posts on this topic and asking readers to offer their inputs and descriptions of disability in their countries. I look forward to reading more.

    Kind regards, Lisa

  • coolasas
    Nov 04, 2014
    Nov 04, 2014

    Hi Lisa,

    I would try to do whatever I could to help spread awareness on disability issues within my village and beyond. I already posted an introduction post and will have the personalities line up to appear on the next posts.

    I very much welcome any inputs, ideas, suggestions and comments.